Drug abuse and alcoholism are due to interconnected factors. It includes genetics, our social environment, our emotional health and how we were raised by our parents. Those who have a history or family members that are heavy drinkers are more likely to be a heavy alcohol drinker compared to a person raised without too much alcohol in their family. There are some people who tend to abuse themselves with alcohol and drugs like cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, hashish, heroin and many more. It gives them temporary relief and temporary solution to whatever problems they have.

Other people divert on using drugs and consuming too much alcohol just to escape boredom, peer pressure, family problems, presence of fear and too many problems that they cannot face. The terrible news is, once they are hooked into drinking excessive alcohol and taking too many illegal drugs, they become addicted to the substance. Alcohol and drug addiction becomes a crucial factor why some people experiences mental disorder or mental illness because they tend to develop hallucinations and other forms of behavioral problems. This situation is properly treated with the help of some professionals like Vancouver mental health, Vancouver marriage counselors, Vancouver therapy and Vancouver family therapy.

People drink alcohol and use illegal drugs more often to forget problems, for pleasure and other stressor such as work and pressure from friends. As time goes by that a certain individual use drugs and drinks too much alcohol, the dosage as they take those increases. The negative effect is that once they stop taking drugs even on a single day, they do not only get sick, but they develop mental problems. Thus, in order to sustain their alcohol and drug addiction, even the worst criminal activity is not an issue to them. There are immense possibilities that they engage themselves in criminal activities like prostitution, robbery, drug dealing, drug pushing and other forms of criminal activities.

Alcohol and drug addiction have negative and harmful side effects. The most affected is the physiological and psychological aspects of the life of the person involved in these negative activities. Physiological effects include an increase in heart rate, increase in blood pressure, irregular breathing, sudden weight loss or weigh gain, brain damage, lung diseases and the worst are AIDS that can be acquired by sharing syringes with other people that have AIDS. Psychological effects include restlessness and depression, anxiety, cravings for illegal drugs, hallucinations and many more. It causes a certain individual to be aloof and feel left alone while in fact, it is them who went away to their families and friends.

Almost all that are addicted to alcohol and illegal drugs lose their jobs. This is because they no longer have the ability to think properly. They do not act and behave normally just like before. They do not only develop the feeling of aloofness but also they feel left out by the whole world. They will lose so many things including their marriage, their income, their homes, their properties and even their relationship with their family and friends. Those people that are drug dependent become malnourished, have suicidal tendencies, overdose themselves and have more possibilities to have AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

The family is the basic unit in society. Parents must be responsible enough in raising their kids. Parents should teach their children about healthy life that is away from alcoholism and drug abuse. Most people who become drug dependent are those that came from broken families or problematic families. Strong family ties must be developed and observed so that whenever there are problems, our children will not look into alcohol and drugs as an escape goat to those problems. There are also private groups and organizations today that are willing to help out those people that are ready to follow the right path to a new life.

In summary, one of the biggest obstacles in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is denial of the person involved. The desire to drink alcohol and the desire to use drugs are so strong that sometimes, a person still rationalize his drinking or use of drugs. The person involved must accept the reality and be honest that they undoubtedly have a problem. There are so many professionals that can help them with any problem that they have just like British Columbia  marriage counselors and British Columbia  therapists.