There are two main types of programs for addiction treatment in Quebec. The inpatient treatment program and the outpatient treatment program are the two options, which an addict can select to get treatment for his or her addiction. The addicts and their families get really very confused when it comes to selecting the correct options out of these two. There are few differences in the way both the forms of addiction treatment in Quebec are carried out.

Before seeing the differences between the inpatient and outpatient treatment program in Quebec, it will better to see what similarities between these two are. Both these treatment program give proper counseling to the addicts and their family to guide them about the various aspects of the addiction. Both these programs also educate the addict and their families through individual and group therapies.

The major difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment program in Quebec is about the location where the treatment program gets carried out. The addicts who choose an inpatient treatment program have to stay in the treatment center in Quebec and he or she will have to stay there till they come out of their addiction. In outpatient treatment program the addict will have to attend the treatment center whenever they will be called. Once the inpatient treatment program gets over (it may last three to six weeks) the patient will be also asked to take an outpatient treatment program.

The patients will be allowed to stay at their home if they choose to take an outpatient treatment program. It is helpful for those patients who cannot take leave from work and has to attend work while taking the treatment. This is the reason more than 80% of the people go for outpatient treatment program in Quebec. There are other several advantages of taking outpatient treatment program.

1. The patient can do their work without taking a break from work.
2. The patient can take treatment by paying less money, as the inpatient treatment programs are quite expensive.
3. The patients can see their family and hence feels comfortable while undergoing the treatment.
4. The family of the patient can also be helpful by seeing that the patient attends the treatment programs whenever called by the treatment center.

There are some people who think that the addiction can be control only if the addict stays in the center. That is why the number of people going for inpatient addiction treatment in Quebec is also quite a lot. There are some advantages of taking the treatment from an inpatient treatment program.

1. The patient gets immediate medical facilities in case he or she faces any minor or major health troubles.
2. The patient gets professional care and guidance, as there are qualified people in the treatment center to look after him or her.
3. The severe addiction problems will not be treated by outpatient treatment program. Hence all such addicts who are deeply into addiction take treatment in inpatient treatment program.

The outpatient treatment program in Quebec is a best option for those who are in mild forms of addiction. The outpatient addiction treatment in Quebec is a mild kind of treatment. There will be no need for the addict to stay away from the family and friends while taking the treatment. The patients of outpatient treatment program will need to visit the treatment center in Quebec about three to four times in a week.

The outpatient treatment program focuses on counseling treatment and while for those who are into severe addiction urgent medical treatment is needed. Hence for all those who are into major kind of addiction, inpatient treatment program is the only option. Also all those who have some physical and mental conditions cannot do well with outpatient treatment program. It is better all such addicts choose inpatient treatment program and takes proper medical help without any further delay.

In any case taking a treatment for the addiction is a must. If the addict and his or her family will keep on denying the addiction then they will have to see major consequences in latter life. It is very important to take proper counseling before choosing the right kind of treatment program. If the addict is not agreeing to take a treatment program then the family can take help of the intervention program given by the treatment center in Quebec. Intervention program will also help you in deciding the proper kind of treatment option and will also help you to get admission to the desired treatment program.