Substance abuse can be caused by different factors. Some people succumb out of curiosity, social acceptance, depression or self-destruction. It also takes many different forms. One can be addicted to Nicotine, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana or many other substances. Whatever reason, when drug addicts first ventured into the dangerous world of addictive drugs, none had a clear view of the things they were getting themselves into – particularly the agony and despair that takes over their lives. Even if they were trying to destroy themselves, they never realized the pit they’ve entered until they are already trapped and powerless. Before they know it, their life is a mess and drug rehab is severely needed.

It’s sad that many drug users commit crimes such as theft, prostitution or selling drugs in order to support their uncontrollable needs. While intoxicated, some become violent and inflict harm on themselves just to have a closer feel of reality. Even worse, sometimes they harm others.

Aside from the physical damages substance abuse brings, its effects on the person’s emotional and spiritual well-being is more devastating. Families are torn apart, friendships are shattered and their souls left empty. More heart-breaking is that our society often presents the evils these abusers are committing, but they fail to expose the other side of the story. People don’t want to be around intoxicated people for fear of being harmed. They are left to rot alone in their own misery thus causing them to seek more refuge in drugs to cover up the pain.

Often what society loses sight of is that the addict is a victim as well— a victim of losing control of their actions and the desire to preserve themselves. We can’t always focus on the harm they bring others but need to consider the harm they bring to themselves as well… especially if these are people we love and care for. They need our help.

Will you condemn a cancer patient for being sick? Obviously not. The best course of action is to take him to the hospital and have him treated. Will you blame a dead person for not being able to rise up? The same goes for drug abusers. Why bury them in shame and isolation when there’s still hope to get their lives back? Wouldn’t it be better if that cancer patient gets well and starts again with new strength to enjoy life and make up for lost time with his loved ones? Of course.

Drug addiction should be treated the same way—as a disease. It can be cured if proper medication and attention is given. Fortunately, there are many drug rehab facilities out there dedicated to restore people’s lives.

Time spent in these drug rehab institutions or homes can help them overcome their addiction and come out physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually healed. The approaches taken by treatment centers may differ but they are all headed toward one goal – curing and healing the addict.

If you have a loved one suffering from drug addiction, the best way to show your love and concern is to encourage them to redeem themselves. This can be achieved in several ways and rehabilitation houses are definitely worth considering. Find a place that cares not only for their bodies but for their souls. It’s never too late to make things better. Even in movies, happy endings are usually depicted by scenes of families being reunited, lessons being learned and second chances being given. This, too, can happen in real life.