Brentwood - Windsor Ontario Rehab and treatment Centre

Where People Need People

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Located in the heart of Windsor Ontario, Brentwood is a non-denominational recovery home that has served over 20,000 men and women primarily from Windsor and Essex County; however clients come from all over Canada and the United States.

The facility is set on nine acres with three main buildings and a pavilion. It is staffed by 37 employees including certified counsellors and medical staff.

The Brentwood Recovery Home is dedicated to providing compassionate care and treatment in a residential setting for people whose primary problem is alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, Brentwood provides vital support programs for their families.

At Brentwood, we see alcoholism and other addictions as a disease and form of "spiritual blindness". People need other people who are in recovery to help them to see what they are missing in their lives.


  • Street: 2335 Dougall Avenue
  • Postcode: N8X1S9
  • City: Windsor
  • Province: Ontario
  • Country: Canada


Comments (3)

  • Barbara MacVicar
    Barbara MacVicar
    20 March 2012 at 18:44 |

    I am extremely depressed and do not know where to go for help. I know that I need counselling and should most likely be at a treatment centre. I am in Florida right know but I am going to drive home so I can get help. Please let me know if there is any place for me to go to.

  • caitlin
    26 June 2012 at 19:44 |

    im extremely depressed and i have an eating disorder and i cut myself and i have suicide thoughts and i tried talking to my parents and explained it to them but they told me thats its a phase and ill get over it. ive been dealing with this for 3 years and i dont want keep living like this. i live in windsor and i dont know what to do

  • Sam
    19 September 2012 at 13:42 |

    hello my name is Samantha i am 20 years old and am looking for a nice place for my dad to go to get help he is very sick and he needs help someone please help me.

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