Addington House

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The program consists of three phases. The first is the physical detoxification that can take anywhere up to ten days depending upon the state of the individual in which he/she arrived. This is a non-medical detox.

The second phase is rehabilitation. This includes a minimum of six hours a day of intense group therapy. Individual counseling is also given at different times during the day usually at the request of the resident or the assigned caseworker. There are three to four caseworkers for the twelve residents. The philosophy and program goals are generated from the concept of a holistic approach to the treatment process. The resident's entire environment is included in the development of his/her treatment plan. Each client is assigned a counselor upon entry into the House and together they will develop a course of action for the treatment plan.


Alcoholism and drug addictions are a cunning and baffling disease. Addicts and alcoholics often believe that they are in control of their addictive behaviours. This sometimes causes relapse after a successful treatment program. The most important element of our treatment program is to provide alcoholics and drug addicts suffering from addictions, a comprehensive aftercare support program. Addicts and alcoholics need to be actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as a follow-up to in-house treatment. As well, the families and loved ones of the active addicts and alcoholics need to be involved in the treatment process. Addington House is both a detox and rehabilitation centre. We involve the families and loved ones because they in many cases, are enablers, and unwittingly support the drug and alcohol habits.


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